CGM Game Development Kit

Our goal is to empower all game designers to become actively involved in shaping the casino floor of the future. By introducing the Game Development Kit along with the Valhalla Platform, CGM is providing a robust game development environment with the latest design technologies, open source tools, support, and services needed to get games on the casino floor.

The Valhalla Platform is designed to make game development and modification easy. Designers can create new game personalities by simply changing graphics and/or modifying configurations without having to worry about any source code changes. Using the Game Development Kit makes this process even easier. Designers can stop worrying about being computer scientists and stay focused on creating exciting content and games. Make game ideas a reality, fast with CGM’s Game Development Kit.



  • Supports Slot, Baccarat, Roulette, Keno, and Poker engines.
  • Allows for quick development and easy testing of new assets and features.
  • Easily modifiable using standard tools and editors.
  • Dynamic loading of all graphical, math, and sound assets.
  • Data driven approach to object locations, functionality, and attributes.
  • Pre-built features including bonuses, mystery bonuses, free spins, etc.
  • Card carousel feature containing multipliers and bonus a trigger.
  • Supports both hardware and software simulators and button panels.
  • Customizable resolutions including HD (1920x1080).
  • Customizable graphical betting interface.